вторник, февруари 12, 2008

Примерни настройки на Apache

Малко примерни настройки за Apache-то, с които можете да стреснете някой друг lUser :P

ErrorDocument 400 "Why? Why BAD REQUEST ?"
ErrorDocument 401 "m$ sux ! HTTP UNTAUTHORIZED"
ErrorDocument 403 "I think it is FORBIDDEN"
ErrorDocument 404 "404: Where the fuck you are going? Nothing here!"
ErrorDocument 405 "I suppose HTTP_METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED"
ErrorDocument 408 "Sad, sad world. HTTP_REQUEST_TIME_OUT"
ErrorDocument 410 "Gimme back my money! HTTP_GONE"
ErrorDocument 411 "I want back virginity! HTTP_LENGTH_REQUIRED"
ErrorDocument 412 "Cant you buy me a dinner first? HTTP_PRECONDITION_FAILED"
ErrorDocument 413 "Where are going with this huge thing? HTTP_REQUEST_ENTITY_TOO_LARGE"
ErrorDocument 414 "There is only one team in the world - CSKA! HTTP_REQUEST_URI_TOO_LARGE"
ErrorDocument 415 "Where did you get that ? HTTP_UNSUPPORTED_MEDIA_TYPE"
ErrorDocument 500 "The admin is id10t! INTERNAL SERVER ERROR"
ErrorDocument 501 "Anarchy in UK! HTTP_NOT_IMPLEMENTED"
ErrorDocument 502 "Who the fuck is Kolio? HTTP_BAD_GATEWAY"
ErrorDocument 503 "When I say no, this means no, get it out of there! HTTP_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE"
ErrorDocument 506 "uh? HTTP_VARIANT_ALSO_VARIES"